The Absurd

Life Of The Absurd

The band THE ABSURD was founded in autumn 1984 in Cologne, Germany. It is now in its umpteenth incarnation, after No.23 in 1993 (?) we lost count. Some line-ups lasted for one rehearsal and one gig, others a bit longer. From the beginning THE ABSURD were conceived as a band that would play any type of music the members liked, irrespective whether a certain type was fashionable or not. The musicians involved in THE ABSURD include(d) people professionally playing classical and new music, expert jazzers and rock musicians. Apart from a few tracks for one or two compilation albums and some gigs nothing was heard from THE ABSURD until June 1993. Issued better late than never LATE THEN NEVER (sic), the debut CD from THE ABSURD, presents studio recordings from 1988 to 1993 and a collage of live-recordings from 1985 to 1991. It got favourable reviews in four nation-wide music magazines and some airplay but, you know, we still have a few copies left. THE ABSURD's second album will be issued in ... and can only be called LATER THAN NEVER. It was, apart from one song and one miniature, recorded on Friday, January 13th, 1995. As on the first album the music of LATER THAN NEVER moves between psychedelic Free Jazz and Hard Rock. Most of the tracks for a planned live-album have already been selected, tracks from the eighties, nineties and the present. It will be called LATER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE. In late 2000 THE ABSURD started life on the web with their first edition of the Advent Calendarx.