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Welcome to this year''s edition of The Absurd Advent Calendar.
It is time to celebrate for at least two reasons: THE ABSURD MESSAGE BOARD
is the 10th Advent Calendar presented by the band, it coincides with THE SILVER JUBILEE
of THE ABSURD - recording sessions for a vinyl album will start in January and there will also be a concert at 'Loft' in Cologne to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band (see news).
So far the calendars have brought to you all kinds of music: hard rock, psychedelic improvisations, cut-ups ranging from Dada to musique concrète, free jazz, chamber music interludes etc.. This time we present to you the lyrics of 24 songs written by members of the band. The oldest song dates back to a time before there was / were The Absurd, the newest one was composed this year. The songs are about various fragile states of mind and soul, about politics, about the state of the music business, about love, positive thinking and despair. There are impressions while driving a taxi in Berlin at night, meditations triggered by a ride in an elevator, observations from a mountain top and a song called 'Zukka Attakk'. To whom it may concern: the copyright of the songs remains with the writers/composers.
Heartfelt praise and many thanks are due to Vera P. Frank (message board - assemblage, photos), Michael Hausmann (photos) and Martin Ziegler (web organ). Thank you again. So without further ado - here is THE ABSURD MESSAGE BOARD.

Enjoy! Michael Frank

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