The Absurd Adventure Calendar 2022: Message Board #2 / Alternative Jam Bands

From 2000 to 2009 The Absurd have presented ten advent calendars combining visual and aural delights for your entertainment. Thanks to the initiative of keyboarder and programmer Martin Ziegler we continue this tradition now with a new calendar of previously unpublished material.
The visual concept of the new calendar was conceived by Vera P. Frank, Martin Ziegler and yours truly.
This year the tracks alternate between songs and various jams the band, side projects or precursors such as Göttin Gala & Die Könige der Nacht have recorded.
Some of the improvisations are based on lyrics being recited (e.g. Wheeboo) or on a pre-conceived groove (e.g. Fooled Again) but most of them were completely free. Almost all of the jam tracks are excerpts from longer pieces.
The oldest songs (30 Varieties Of Tea, Flying To the Moon) were written in 1981 and 1982 but there are also songs from 2022 (Hold Your Breath by Max Höfler and The Bias Mode). The songs were written by yours truly unless stated otherwise, To whom it may concern: the copyright of the songs remains with the writers/composers.
Please note: the visuals are meant to be looked at on a computer monitor. You'll miss more than half of the fun if you use a mobile phone. Heartfelt praise and many thanks are due to Vera P. Frank (photos) and Martin Ziegler (web organ).

Enjoy! Michael Frank

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